Mick Barber

Managing Director

Mick has over 30 years experience in the Automotive industry and sales of automotive products. Through hard work, ambition and drive Mick has established Parksafe Automotive as a market leader in the automotive industry. His dedication to customer service and quality products ensures customers return again and again. With a background in sales Mick has built a strong team around him who can offer exceptional customer support and a wealth of knowledge on automotive products.

Matt Eden


Matt is Managing Director of the Eden Group of companies, which acquired Parksafe Automotive in 2005. Matt has worked closely with the Managing Director Mick Barber over the last few years in helping Parksafe achieve its successful growth. Matt continues to help in all aspects of the business. Matt has 25 years’ experience in the Automotive industry and has always been interested in the latest automotive technology during his career.

Liam - Parksafe

Liam Barber

National Sales Manager

Liam joined us in May 2014 after graduating from Nottingham Trent University. Liam brings a wealth of new energy to the company.

Liam works with passion to succeed and continues to broaden his knowledge in all areas of the business.

Liam is responsible for the accounts within the Midlands, he continues to offer a high level of customer service to his customers.

Julie - Parksafe

Julie Barber

Accounts Assistant

Julie works within our accounts department, Julie has worked within the local government for over 30 years. Julie was looking for a new challenge, with that Julie brings to the table a wealth of experience in customer service. Julie is highly organised and offers a friendly and helpful approach on a daily basis. Julie is excited to start her next adventure here are Parksafe!

Cheryl - Parksafe

Cheryl Jephson

Accounts Manager

Cheryl is known for her enthusiasm and inspiration and has become a valuable member of our team and continues to demonstrate a high level of customer service.

Abbie - Parksafe

Abbie Ulyatt

Sales Assistant

Abbie started with us under an apprenticeship scheme, Abbie has now completed her apprenticeship and has grown from strength to strength.

Prior to joining Parksafe, Abbie completed a college course within Business. She is now looking to gain some valuable experience from Parksafe and expand her knowledge throughout the company.

Abbie is always happy to help and will do her utmost to fill any requirements that you may have.

Daniel - Parksafe

Daniel Walker

Warehouse Manager

Daniel joined us in August 2013 as a warehouse assistant, through his hard work and dedication to Parksafe he was promoted to Warehouse Manager.

Daniel has become an asset to our company; he continues to take his job position seriously, which is demonstrated through his daily duties.

Chris - Parksafe

Chris May

Warehouse Assistant

Chris has become an asset to Parksafe Automotive and has gone from strength challenging himself every day to approve his own personal goals. We value Chris as a team member at Parksafe Automotive.

Chris Mitchell

Sales Manager - South East

Chris started his career at Parksafe in 2016, covering the North of the UK. During this time he earned the title of Sales Manager of the Year by developing strong business relationships with his customers. We appreciate Chris’s dedication to Parksafe and consider him as a valued member of our sales team. Chris has recently taken on a new challenge by moving areas to the South East, through proactive hard work and customer focus we are sure he will be a huge success,  just like he was in the North.

John - Parksafe

John Matthews

Sales Manager - South West

John has recently joined Parksafe Automotive, John offers a wealth of knowledge within the industry, he has taken on the role as sales manager for the West country, he is known to go the extra mile to ensure his customers get good quality service.

Mark - Parksafe

Mark Griffiths

Sales Manager- North

Mark brings a wide range of knowledge within the Aftermarket sector, Mark has been involved within the Automotive Aftermarket industry within the North and the Scotland areas for a number of years. Mark has been involved within the sales and service sector and believes customer service is the key to success! Mark would be more than happy to help given the opportunity.

Pete - Parksafe

Pete Lloyd

Sales Manager

Pete comes to Parksafe with a wealth of knowledge within the Automotive industry, having over 30 years of experience, we welcome Pete to Parksafe Automotive with open arms.

Pete is here to develop specific accounts within each sector, Pete always welcomes any enquiries that you may have.

Pete is a people person and loves to engage with customers regularly, so he is always happy to help whatever it may be.

Robert - Parksafe

Robert Sinclair

Sales Manager- North

Robert brings a wide range of knowledge within the Aftermarket sector, Robert has been involved within the Automotive Industry for over 25 years. Robert has gathered a number clients throughout the years, predominantly within the North and Scotland areas. Robert welcomes you and would be more than happy to help given the opportunity.