Parksafe Group has been manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of reliable, cost-effective, and quality assured products for the automotive industry for nearly 40 years.


Specialising in vehicle safety equipment, a closely controlled design process coupled with in-house research and development expertise has allowed Parksafe Group to remain at the forefront of new product innovation. Helping to establish the company as a leading automotive product supplier.


Parksafe Group offers bespoke and tailor-made safety package solutions to customers, depending on specific requirements. The company caters to international, multi-vehicle fleets right down to small businesses in remote corners of the globe

DVS 2024


To support operators working in Greater London to prepare for the new DVS requirements Parksafe Group has launched an AI Pedestrian Detection System. This eliminates blind spots, detects vulnerable road users (VRUs) at the front and near-side of the vehicle and provides drivers with real-time audio and visual warnings to alert them of potential dangers.


Drivers are given clear distances by measurement and colour codes which are displayed on the in-cab monitor. Red signifies immediate danger, amber warns of danger and green means be wary. The driver is encouraged to make informed decisions based on this colour coding system. This helps to improve reaction times by warning the driver so they can act immediately. In congested areas this is an additional safety support system to increase awareness of VRUs around the vehicle.


The AI Pedestrian Detection camera can be used as a single camera or with a multi-camera system, allowing it to be used on the side of the vehicle. This setup is ideal for use on coaches, HGVs and plant vehicles.

Parksafe Groups Pedestrian Detection Camera System is available with a 200° or 150° camera angle.


The solution also comes with audible talking alarms which give bespoke messages when a VRU is detected such as “pedestrian detected front“, or “pedestrian detected side“.


The camera is full HD 1080p and the in-cab monitor is high definition. When used in conjunction with a digital video recorder, operators can access recordings via the Parksafe on demand web portal.



Alongside equipment for the new DVS requirements, the company supplies Digital Video Recorders, Telematics Systems and equipment for operators to meet FORS Bronze, Silver and Gold accreditation.


Parksafe Group also supplies its award-winning Low Bridge Detection System (LBDS) which uses GPS vehicle location data and geo-fencing to warn the driver of upcoming low bridges, via LED-enhanced alerts and an audible warning system that automatically activates.


Based in Derbyshire, Parksafe Group serves customers across the UK and has international resellers around Europe, Australia and America. Regardless of the product or technology, Parksafe Group subjects its equipment to rigorous testing before it’s approved for customers. The company believes quality and reliability is of the utmost importance to ensure safety is never compromised.



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