Fabric Tape (19mm x 25m)

High quality polyester fabric tape with especially smooth polished surface – Black 19mmx25m Tape

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Designed for cable harnessing in the automotive industry. By means of the specially designed smooth polished tape surface, a soil repellent and permanently flexible cable harness is obtained which, compared to many other tape materials, is very well protected against external mechanical stress (e.g. sharp edges).Due to its high temperature stability, its extremely robust backing, and its good media resistance.

Available in quantities of 1 or a box of 208pcs.
High adhesive force
free of critical substances (halogens, softeners, etc)
stable against rotting
flexible and easy to handle
high mechanical stability in machine processing
temperature stability 3000 h / +125°C(short term 150°C)
resistant against diesel, oil, fuel, etc.


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