CanBus Connection Loom – Non Abrasive


This Parksafe CANGOCLICK loom allows you to connect to the CanBus without soldering or crimping to the original wiring. Wired connection, directly to the PSEV range of products.



• Supply voltage: 8 – 40V DC

• Molex connector (4 pin) on cables – suitable for CANGO FMS device, can be cut if required (not 8-30V model)

• Dimensions (without cable): Length 40mm, Diameter 14mm

• Cable Length: 1000mm

• Environmental Sealing: IP67 (only click-on part)

• Storage Temperature: −40°C to +90°C

• Operating Temperature: −40°C to +85°C


Key Benefits:

• No direct wiring connection to the CANBUS & J-Bus connections

• One cable fits all applications • 100% accurate reading of the CANBUS and J-Bus data signals

• 100% non-intrusive technology

• Safe and reliable reading of CANBUS and J-Bus data

• No soldering, wire cutting or crimping to the vehicle’s factory wiring

• No physical wire to wire connections

• Can be removed with virtually no trace



• 72/245/EEC

• ISO7637

• ISO11898

• SAE J1939

• ISO11783


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CanBus Connection Loom – Non Abrasive