SWT012 – OBD Tracker

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Live location and status information through cloud hosted telematics.
Widget based dashboard with full reporting suite
Permissible hierarchy providing appropriate access to all levels
Reduce business miles
Reduce fuel costs
Reduce accidents and insurance costs
Improve and reduce vehicle maintenance
Aid in your duty of care compliance
Automatic reporting streamline expense claims
Accessible web based login
Supportive of multiple users with permissible access
Daily, weekly and monthly journey reports
Service and report scheduling
Incident Camera video streaming integration
Fully smartphone responsive
Recognised by leading insurers as a risk reduction tool leading to lower premiums
Proven to help improve eficiency by as much as 12MPG
Live reporting suite including;
– Speed limit
– Business miles
– Daily start / end
– Time on site
– Vehicle idling

How Can Tracking Help You?


Driver Score

View scores for individual vehicles or entire fleets
Recognised by leading insurers as a risk reduction tool
Overall score calculated based on:

– Harsh acceleration
– Harsh braking
– Speeding events
– Night driving
– Urban driving

Set up automated driver score reports to run daily, weekly or monthly
Export scorecards via PDF for direct feedback
Compare historic scores for benchmarking


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