Low Bridge Detection (LBDS)

The Parksafe Award Winning Low Bridge Detection System sends real-time alerts to drivers when they towards a bridge which is too low, allowing them enough time to take an alternate route.

It works by combining GPS vehicle location data, mapping services and a pre-defined database of low bridge hazards which feeds into Parksafe’s real-time alerting system. Alerts are delivered audibly via speaker, and visibly via LED panels.

Every year large vehicles collide with overhead bridges, data published by Network Rail between 1st April 2020 and 31st March 2021 shows that there were 1,624 bridge strikes reported across the network. Most of these incidents involved Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV’s), with between 40 – 50 a year related to buses.

Costly bridge strikes can be avoided by alerting overheight vehicles on their approach, our unique and innovative Parksafe Group Low Bridge Detection System (LBDS) is the ideal solution! Designed and manufactured in the UK, the LBDS can detect up to 3,750 low bridges and requires ZERO driver input; the driver doesn’t need to need to know the height or width of the vehicle, as this is all done at installation!

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  • REDUCE the risk of collisions with Bridges.
  • PROTECTS your driving licence.
  • SAVES company reputation.
  • Provides you with PEACE OF MIND



  • Stand-alone product.
  • No driver set up required.
  • False alert feedback communication
  • Remote communication and updates
  • Our device can detect up to 3,750 bridges.
  • Alert Radius: 300m2 alert zone.
  • Multiple attempts to advise driver to stop the vehicle.
  • Visual and audible warning system.
  • UK Designed and Manufactured product.
  • Award Winning


Approvals & Certification: E Mark, UKCA



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Low Bridge Detection System (LBDS) Demo Video

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