LIVE Remote Access 8/12 Channel MDVR with 4G, WiFi & GPS

SSD DVR 12 Channel (8CH + 4CH IP) with 4G, WiFi & GPS

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The Parksafe On Demand Portal provides instant On Demand access to all your vehicles. It will provide users the ability to remotely view live footage, download footage remotely and track your vehicles location. You will be notified of real time events, our dedicated Parksafe On Demand platform will provide instant access to your vehicles, these are accessible via: Mobile App or our Software Package, this will provide 24/7 coverage where you are.

The Parksafe Premium MDVR’s are all compatible with either SSD (Solid State Drive) or HDD (Hard Disc Drive) and a SD card. Footage can be retrieved via 4G, manually or Wi-Fi. This will give you high quality, crystal clear vision of your vehicles. Allowing you to reduce blind spots and put your fleets safety first.

Why have a MDVR Camera System?

  • Connect Remotely to monitor and download data
  • Evidence against insurance claims.
  • Peace of mind for drivers and fleet managers
  • Built in GPS via Google to record location and speed
  • Prevent accidents and personal injury
  • Manoeuvre safely

Enhance blind spot vision

  • Benefits of our Parksafe on Demand Platform:
  • Remote, real time access via the Parksafe on Demand Portal
  • Remotely download, stream and playback video footage
  • Scheduled, automatic manual download via 4G
  • Stream up to 16 Cameras
  • View all vehicles on 1 map
  • Geo Fencing
  • Health check on: SSD error, video loss, over speed, Geo-Fencing, G-Sensor.


  • Supports 1080p 12 Channel (4+1 IP or + 4 IP)
  • Upgrade to 12 Channels with our control module
  • Supports up to 2TB (SSD & HDD) & SD card (X1 128GB)
  • 4G, Wi-Fi, & GPS
  • Built in G-Sensor
  • Data self protection
  • 12/24V
  • Waterproof: IP69K
  • Auto set up- Time & Date
  • Lockable Case
  • Password Protected
  • Built in super capacitor
  • Shockproof
  • Delayed shutdown
  • Records Frame rates Up to 28FPS
  • Dimensions: (L) 21.5 x (W) 19 x (D) 7cm

Why Fleet Managers Need Parksafe On Demand?

  • Instant notifications of your vehicle(s) triggers in the event of an accident
  • Download vehicle data and footage before the driver has called.
  • Settle 50/50 claims for your driver so that they are not to blame.
  • Enforce driver training, fleet efficiency and improve driver behaviour.

Fleet Managers can view live and historic footage and data all whilst the vehicle is on the road. There’s no need for the vehicle to return to the depot before viewing or downloading footage, saving valuable time in resolving disputed claims.

By having a fleet management system such as a Live View Camera Solution in place it is possible for managers to improve driving styles and thus reduces fuel consumption, wear and tear and insurance claims.

Not only will you be able to improve driving styles using our state of the art driver behaviour reports you will have full access to your fleets whereabouts. Giving fleet managers full access to vehicle location instantly.

Why Add Telematics? 

  • Complete Vehicle Telematics platform for both cameras and tracking
  • Vehicle fleet management Driver scoring and fleet risk management
  • Full GPS tracking via PC / Laptop / Tablet/ Smartphone & App
  • Full Reporting: Sharpe Braking, Idling, Over Speeding & Acceleration
  • Live minute-by-minute positions
  • Monitor fuel efficiency
  • Optimise maintenance frequency
  • Eliminate unauthorised usage
  • Lower insurance premiums

Improving driver performance with Fleet Telematics

Within the Parksafe On Demand Platform you can easily add Fleet Telematics under the same easy to use platform. This will offer an extensive Driver Behaviour reporting system that allows you to download manually or schedule reports daily, weekly or monthly.

You can then dive into the data and into the way drivers behave.  This includes Harsh acceleration, Harsh braking, Speeding events, Night driving, Urban driving.

This behaviour can be easily monitored on the Parksafe On Demand web portal and through the use of associated Vehicle Safety Solutions that we offer.

The data collected can then be used to increase and raise awareness of safer driving, by implementing initiatives amongst the drivers, then companies help to develop a culture of safety within the business.

Live reporting suite including;

  • Speed limit
  • Business miles
  • Daily start / end
  • Time on site
  • Vehicle idling
  • Geo Fence & POI Alerts

Optional Add Options:

  • Optional Remote Immobilization
  • Driver Identification
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Driver Feedback Unit

Additional information

IP Rating



Up To 2TB

Additional Features

Shock Proof

SD Card Options

Upgrade to 128GB Standard SD Card


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PSOD008-LIVE DVR with 4G & WiFi

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