Driver ID Kit Including Fob, Reader & Buzzer

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The Parksafe On Demand Tracker Device can Identify each individual driver using a uniquely coded dallas key which gets assigned to each employee. The Driver will be required to tap the dallas key to the Driver ID reader fitted within the vehicle before the ignition is turned on.

Benefits of Driver ID

  • Differentiates between business and private mileage
  • Improves Driver Behaviour – monitors individual driver behaviour, promoting responsible, safe, and more fuel-efficient driving
  • Reduces admin workload – timesheets can be scheduled to be delivered as and when required
  • Highlight a driver’s performance with over speeding, sharp braking, accidents, and other motoring offences which will be allocated against the correct driver
  • Improve productivity and provide accurate time and journey data against the individual driver, making your fleet easier to manage
  • Improves security – the dallas key and reader can act as a secondary immobiliser, meaning the vehicle will not start until the two are paired


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