DRIVING FORCE: Parksafe Group & AvailableCar Announce New Partnership ‘Fueled’ for the Future



AvailableCar are a family-owned Used Car Supermarket with stores in Castle Donington, Sutton-in-Ashfield,Cannock and Leeds.
Originally established in 2002, they pride themselves on offering customers a fri
endly, helpful and hassle-free car buying experience.


Thanks to their core values and incredible reputation for customer service, the brand is now recognised as one of the UK’s biggest independent dealers, with more than 250,000 customers to date.


Parksafe Group, supplier for the automotive industry, are proud to announce their latest partnership with AvailableCar. This new deal will see the independent Group offer their customers premium quality IROADUK Dash Cameras and S7 Magnetic Trackers supplied by Parksafe Group.


Liam Barber, Sales & Marketing Director for Parksafe Groups comments: “Specialising in vehicle safety equipment for over 30 years, Parksafe Group offer a wide range of reliable, cost-effective, and quality assured products. We are beyond thrilled to be announcing this partnership and very excited for the opportunity ahead.”


Steve Wiseman, Group Head of Aftersales, says:As the business continues to grow it’s essential, we work with partners who share our core values and can support our evolving needs. I am confident we have that with Parksafe Group and I’m looking forward to building a strong working relationship that complements us as a whole and our retail activities.”

PROTECT Against Car Theft.


IROAD Dash Camera’s

IROAD Dash Cameras are known for their highly reliable, high-performing cameras that offer the ultimate in design and technology, allowing you to buy with confidence.


Using a combination of superior software and hardware to produce crystal clear, bright, and high-quality footage, even in low light. IROAD dash cameras are equipped with in-built GPS, Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) providing audio-voice alerts for Lane Departure (LDWS), Front Collision (FCWS) and Front Vehicle Departure (FVDWS) to the driver, when the vehicle starts drifting from its lane, or when there is a risk of an imminent crash.


The IROAD FX Series also offers Parking Mode, which starts recording whenever an impact is detected, this could be from something (or someone) knocking the wing mirror to hitting your car and means you will have a better chance of finding out who’s responsible for the damage.

Magnetic Thatcham Approved S7 Tracker:

Car theft continues to surge at a staggering rate, DVLA data revealed that in 2022 58,082 vehicles were stolen – That’s an average of 159 vehicles per day and 1,117 a week. Surprisingly 42% of vehicles are taken from close to the owner’s home, so even if you’re parked on your driveway, it remains at risk!


Having your vehicle stolen can be an extremely inconvenient, stressful, and costly experience. And with theft rates continuing to rise, you need to protect yourself with the best tracking device possible.


The Parksafe Group S7 Tracker helps solve the traditional problem of tracking devices being easy to find and removed by magnetically attaching anywhere on a vehicle or asset. Developed to offer you a cost-effective peace of mind solution, knowing that your high value assets are protected and recoverable in the case of theft. Its flexible magnetic mounting system and once daily standard reporting frequency, make it extremely tricky to locate, even with GPS detectors.


Should the worst happen and one of your high value assets is stolen, the S7 Tracker gives you the best possible chance of recovering your property. GPS tracking is backed up by cell-ID based location information, giving you a secondary tracking option where GPS isn’t available.