In 2019, 12% of cyclists deaths across the UK were due to collisions with HGVs, even though HGVs only make up around 5% of traffic in Britain. The Direct Vision Standard measures how much an HGV driver can see directly through their cab windows. By increasing driver visibility, the Direct Vision Standard ‘Safe System’ requirements and the ‘Progressive Safe System’ requirements (coming in October 2024) reduces the risk of close-proximity blind spot collisions, helping to prevent accidents and save drivers and vulnerable road users from the trauma of horrific collisions.

The Parksafe Group Ai Intelligent Pedestrian Detection Camera System eliminates blind spots by cleverly detecting vulnerable road users including, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and people on scooters at the front, side and rear of the vehicle, providing drivers with real-time audio and visual warnings to alert them of potential dangers.


On some vehicles, external alarms can also be connected to the Pedestrian Detection Camera to alert vulnerable road users when they are too close to the vehicle and are at an increased risk.


Our visual warnings are colour coded (red, amber and green) and give the driver clear distances by measurements which are displayed on the cab monitor. By using this simple colour coding system (red – immediate danger, amber – danger, green – no danger) the driver has an increased reaction time, allowing them to make an informed decision based on the colour code and the imminent danger. Thus, increasing the driver’s awareness and confidence in congested or rural areas.

Traditional ultra-sonic sensors are designed to alert the driver of near-by obstacles, including vulnerable road users. However, they also detect street furniture, for example; lamp posts, bollards, road signs and bins – this may lead to false warnings and the driver becoming compliant of the alerts.


Our Intelligent Pedestrian Detection Camera System uses the latest artificial intelligent technology to accurately evaluate the images of pedestrian and vehicle detection at the front, side, and rear of the vehicle in real time. Increasing accuracy, keeping the driver engaged and reducing collisions with vulnerable road users.

The PS Ai Pedestrian Detection Camera System can be fully integrated with our Parksafe On Demand Website platform, allowing Fleet Managers the ability to remotely view live footage, download footage remotely and track a vehicles location.


Intelligent Pedestrian Detection Camera System


  • Pedestrians in Blind Spot Alerts
  • Audible & Visual Alarms
  • 170° or 140° Angle Available
  • With or Without a Buzzer
  • Suitable For Downward View Detection
  • Large Pedestrian Detection Area
  • Wi-Fi Camera Calibration & Set Up
  • LIVE Recordings with On Demand Option
  • Full HD 1080p Camera & Monitor
  • Ai Intelligent Learning Pedestrian Detection System

Parksafe Group understands that without quality, and reliable products we would not be the company we are today, which is why we go the extra mile to make sure safety is not compromised. Regardless of the product or technology, it must pass rigorous and comprehensive testing before we consider it suitable to be included in our product range.


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