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Keeping road users safe & providing reassurance to fleet operators & drivers.

Posted on 22/02/2022 Array


With the changes to the Highway Code which came into effect on the 29th January 2022, it’s easy to see why Fleet Managers and their drivers might be even more concerned by the huge responsibilities they know they have when their fleets are out on the road or they’re driving.

The new rules will certainly take some getting used to for everybody, whether we’re responsible for drivers or are the driver, cyclist or pedestrian. We will need to change both our thinking and our habits so as not to fall foul of the new legislation which, in summary, is as follows:

  1. All traffic must stop for pedestrians waiting to cross.
  2. Drivers no longer have priority at junctions.
  3. Cyclists can ride wherever they feel safest.
  4. Drivers must wait for cyclists to pass, treat as if motor vehicle.
  5. Mobile phones loophole closed.
  6. Poor driving decisions are more punishable.


It will be hugely important for all Fleet Operators to re-visit their Healthy & Safety policies and procedures, training and equipment to consider whether there are any further ways in which they can support the drivers of vans, large commercial vehicles and HGVs who in the ‘Hierarchy of Road Users’ are considered to pose the most risk and cause the most potential for harm to others.

Fortunately, there is already a range of equipment in the marketplace which is there to assist drivers in detecting, and therefore protecting, vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders. This ranges from simple devices such as blind spot mirrors to more sophisticated kit which has been introduced in recent years as a result of advances in technology.

Popular safety systems include birds eye view, 360 degree cameras, which provide drivers with multiple viewing options when selecting reverse gear and left or right indicators.  With multiple ultra-wide angle HD cameras mounted to each side of the vehicle, they provide crystal clear camera images which are cleverly stitched together, resulting in a LIVE 360º, birds eye view all around the vehicle.

These new technologies are much improved on the conventional four camera set up where hazards can still be missed due to the cameras fixed viewing angle, obstructed views by the vehicles bodywork and by having to focus on one of four different views on the monitor. The limitations of a standard four camera system can make manoeuvring the vehicle significantly more difficult in built up areas and blind spots present a high level of danger for both the driver and pedestrians.

Combined with the ease with which these new 360º cameras can be installed and calibrated it’s easy to see why they’re a popular choice for operators looking for increased safety and protection. If you’re interested to know more about these products, take a look at Parksafe’s 360º camera system here:

There are also designated kits available which provide a full solution for Fleet Operators wishing to raise the level of quality within their fleet operations and increase visibility and safety as well as meeting FORS approval.  With high quality/specification cameras, monitors, audible alarms and ultra-sonic side sensors, these can be combined to produce the ideal system, whether for safety, FORS or CLOCS compliancy, or to meet other operational requirements. You can find out more here:

But that’s not all! In addition, there are some innovative devices on the market which can provide much needed reassurance and data in the unfortunate event that there is an incident. The Parksafe On Demand platform will give drivers and fleet managers peace of mind knowing that recording is taking place and that the footage, if needed, can be viewed instantly, anywhere, at any time. Here’s a great video that spells out the huge benefits to be had from investing in such a system.

At Parksafe we welcome any changes in the law that make the road a safer place for you, your vehicle and the public. Our team are passion about the huge difference vehicle safety products make and are always on hand to chat to you about any of your requirements . . . because your safety drives us!