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As part of the Mayor of London’s Vision Zero plan to eliminate all deaths and serious injuries on London’s transport network by 2041, TFL have released an enhancement to the current Direct Vision Standard (DVS) ‘Safe System’ with the introduction of the ‘Progressive Safe System’ (PSS) from October 2024.

From 28th October 2024 all Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) over 12T must have a minimum of a three-star DVS safety rating, OR fit the new Progressive Safe System (PSS) to operate in Greater London. Failing to comply may result in a penalty charge of up to £550.



The application for Direct Vision Standard (DVS) PSS (Phase 2) opened on 24th June 2024. If you submitted your DVS Safety Permit application before then, you applied for DVS Phase 1 and will need to reapply before your permit expires. 

Getting a DVS Safety Permit couldn’t be any easier. Just follow these simple steps, once you have confirmed the star rating and installed a DVS PSS you can then apply for your permit!


(Please note: Parksafe Group DO NOT apply for DVS Safety Permits on your behalf)

Visit TfL’s website and check your HGV star rating. Alternatively, you can submit your vehicle’s details to us here and we can check.

Install a DVS Progressive Safe System (if your HGV DVS star rating is less than three ***)

Visit the TfL’s website and start the DVS application for your HGV.

(Please note: Parksafe Group DO NOT apply for DVS Safety Permits on your behalf)


If your HGV’s DVS star rating is less than 3-star, then you must fit a DVS Progressive Safe System before applying for the PSS Safety Permit.

DVS ‘Progressive Safe System’ Kit


Basic requirement to comply with the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) Phase 2

DVS ‘Progressive Safe System’ Upgrade Kit


For Vehicles currently fitted with a DVS system that currently passes TFL’s approval standards, we offer an upgrade kit that adds the additional kit required to pass the new PSS requirements.

GSR2DVS Standard Kit



For vehicles that are pre fitted with GSR2 equipment, including MOIS & BSIS. This kit provides the additional equipment required to pass the new PSS requirements.


Visit the TfL DVS website for their easy-to-use online form. Once you have confirmed your star rating and installed a DVS Progressive Safe System (PSS) then you will have to do the following:


(Please note: Parksafe Group DO NOT apply for DVS Safety Permits on your behalf)

Once you have filled in the information, click next and follow the instructions.

Photos will need to show the front and rear left side of the vehicle, with the vehicle’s number plate and DVS Progressive Safe System (for 0-2 stars rated HGVs only) clearly visible, in order to pass the criteria of proof.

Once everything is submitted, you will hear back from TfL in the next 30 days.

Operators are also required to provide an endorsed statement as part of the safety evidence, that demonstrates that the Blind Spot Information System (BSIS) & Moving Off Information System (MOIS) comply with the standards set in the technical specifications and are in functional working order.




  • Be provided as part of a letter with clear company branding and heading, or from a recognised company email address
  • Indicate who the point of contact is for any queries about the statement
  • Be self-certified by either the fitter who installed the product(s), or the manufacturer of the vehicle or product(s)
  • Be attached to your HGV safety permit application in a PDF or HTML format
  • Contain wording to the effect that the blind spot and moving off information systems fitted to this vehicle are fully functional, effective and installed in compliance with the PSS technical specifications



We can send you these documents upon request





As leading Vehicle Safety Specialists, with over 30 years of experience.. Parksafe Group are here to help and support you, ensuring a smooth transition to PSS for your entire fleet.

Independently tested and verified by The Association of Vehicle Installers (AVI) we are confident that our Progressive Safe System kits meet the standards for the Blind Spot Information System (BSIS) & Moving Off Information Systems (MOIS)

Where in London is the DVS Enforceable?

The DVS map below outlines the area of London where the DVS regulation is currently in force and where permits are compulsory.

Don’t forget this will apply to ALL vehicles weighing more than 12 tonnes, whether they are from the UK or traveling into London from overseas.