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Here are 7 reasons why you should have video telematics..

Posted on 11/11/2021 Array

With the advancement of fleet telematic systems over the years, from initially providing simple vehicle locations to a whole series of data on the vehicle and the driver, the job of a Fleet Manager has inevitably been helped with the use of IT. Moreover, as technology has continued to evolve, the introduction of video telematics in particular, which combines video data, computer vision technology and vehicle data, has been a real game changer for fleet operations of all sizes. Organisations that have chosen to invest in these latest technologies are seeing benefits in improved road safety, increased operational and fleet efficiency and reduced insurance costs.


Here’s how video telematics are driving real changes . . .


  1. Full fleet visibility

At the click of a button, Fleet Managers now can view live and recorded video footage remotely 24/7. Never has it been so easy to monitor vehicle locations, fuel economy, speed, time driving and driver behaviour live from a variety of devices. This means that not only is operational efficiency increased from day to day because it’s using real time data but that also longer term, organisations can benefit from the information contained within a variety of reports on driver risks, fuel economy, speed, journey statistics and more.


  1. Safer Manoeuvring

With the modern telematic systems the video quality is exceptional. High quality camera resolutions including crystal clear full HD 1080p offer 360º vision for the driver. Combined with wide viewing angles, and robust and durable waterproof systems, the technology allows drivers to manoeuvre more safely, which is really important as they arrive or leave a destination where typically people may be present in car parks, loading areas and so on. These cameras typically come with enhanced blind spot vision meaning no nasty surprises for the driver or others nearby.


  1. Peace of mind for drivers and fleet managers

Connected to good video telematic systems are driver apps which offer great peace of mind for drivers and fleet managers. Drivers can use the app to register the condition of their vehicle before starting their shift. They simply walk-around the vehicle, pass or fail the specified areas of the vehicle and submit the report, before starting each shift. This means drivers can be confident that they will not be held responsible for other drivers’ damage for example, and they know any necessary maintenance can be arranged quicker resulting in safer vehicles for them to use and less time off the roads.


In the unfortunate event of an accident occurring during a driver’s shift, a live alert is registered on the platform meaning the Fleet Manager is immediately made aware and can offer any necessary assistance, whilst drivers can use the app to ensure they follow the correct procedure and capture all the necessary information. Apps allow drivers to take images of the accident, take witness statements, collect third party details and request assistance directly with the chosen claims management service of their choice.


  1. Prevent accidents and personal injury

Knowing there is a system in place that provides Fleet Managers with live footage of your driving behaviour can often influence better driving standards. Where there are still issues with driver behaviours such as speeding, harsh braking and incident notifications, the capturing of such data can be really valuable. Driver behaviour reports can be used as evidence to improve safety, efficiency and also be used for training purposes to ensure that drivers are aware where improvements can be made.

Improving driver behaviour, monitoring driving styles and analysing risks results in safer drivers thereby preventing accidents and personal injury.


  1. Improved customer service

With the ability to track all of your fleet live, customers awaiting deliveries can be given a live ETA. This means organisations using such tracking devices can set themselves apart from the competition by giving customers a more accurate delivery time, rather than a large window, such as morning or afternoon.


  1. Evidence against insurance claims

With the ability to access data from anywhere Fleet Managers can view live and historic footage and data whilst the vehicle is on the road. There’s no need for the vehicle to return to the depot before viewing or downloading footage and this can save valuable time in resolving disputed claims. The evidence also shows exactly what happened rather than being reliant on personal accounts. What’s more, the recorded vehicle videos, locations and incident footage can usually be viewed by date and time, for a few months.


  1. Saving money

Although there is an upfront cost when an organisation decides to invest in a telematics system, fleet managers will soon see substantial cost savings in multiple areas, with some platforms offering a ROI in just 3 months. There will be reductions in insurance premiums, vehicle damage, fuel economy, speeding fines, time off through driver injury and vehicle maintenance.

With so many benefits to be had from the capturing of data live and historically, it’s easy to see why more and more organisations are choosing video telematics.

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