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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the minimum star rating?

From October 2024 a minimum of a three-star safety rating will be required on all Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) over 12 tonnes gross vehicle weight.

This is an increase on the current 1-star rating.   

2) What times does DVS operate?

The HGV Safety Permit Scheme is in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

3) What star rating will I get if I fit PSS & how long will it last?

The aftermarket equipment fitted for PSS will give you a three-star rating. Your permit will be valid until midnight 28th October 2030.


Please Note: Any current permits over three-star remain valid for ten years after issue.

Please Note: Any current permits on vehicles below a three-star will expire at midnight on 27th October 2024.

4) What is VRU?

VRU stands for ‘Vulnerable Road User.’

5) What is MOIS?

MOIS stands for ‘Moving Off Information System.’

6) What is BSIS?

BSIS stands for ‘Blind Spot Information System.’

7) Does the Parksafe Group systems meet R151 & R159 Regulations?

Yes! This is the aim of DVS to meet these regulations.

151 sates that’s the driver should be given an early activation of a warning to signal a VRU is in there blind spot (BSIS).

159 does the same but this is for the front of truck (MOIS).

8) Does the Parksafe Group system comply with GSR? (General Safety Regulations)?

Yes! In phase 2 of DVS this is set to highlight regulation 151-159 and our system meets this requirement.

9) Does the Parksafe Group system self-diagnose faults?

Yes! Our system has a built in diagnosis for camera cover and poor vision. This will give the driver audio and visual feedback.

10) Regarding MOIS, at rest, does the Parksafe Group system offer an information-only signal?

The information is given on a visual HD monitor that will show the VRU and also put an awareness box around them to highlight the VRU to the driver.

11) What time can the external alarm operate till?

The audible warning devices should have a manual on / off switch for use between the hours of 23:30 – 07:00.

12) How do I get a permit?
  • Head to the Transport for London (TfL) website >
  • Click ‘Check star rating and apply.’
  • Enter the registration and follow the instructions.
13) Are there any vehicle exceptions?

Emergency vehicle that are under emergency vehicle tax the and Vehicles over 12 tones that it would not be appropriate to fit it to (classic comical vehicles). A bonneted Vehicle like a Unimog is Class VI mirrors exempt. And vehicles fitted with any combination of direct or indirect view as an alternative to fitting a class V mirror. (as permitted by UNECE regulation 46).    

• PSS exemptions:

  • Vehicles for transporting vehicles (but not an adapted vehicle) if the chassis rails are on the extremities of the vehicles.
  • Tractor units of articulated lorry’s do not need to have any warning signs on them, but all trailers must have them displayed.   
  • Where a Vehicle is being towed to a place that will fit DVS then they will be fully exempt.
14) What’s the difference between AI & Radar?

AI will learn the environment it is in and adapt appropriately. AI will also be more accurate to pick up VRUs. Rader may pick up street furniture and can become less accurate and false alert. Radar is a standalone product with will also require a Camera solution for PSS.

15) Is it correct some AI cameras work and some don’t?

The AI camera will only alert correctly if its programmed and set up correctly.

16) Do I go for AI Camera or Radar?

We would recommend AI Camera as this is constantly upgrading and learning and offer more accurate real time information.

17) What happens if TfL make any changes from now until October? Is your system programmable for updates?

Yes our system at Parksafe Group can be updated to reflect any changes that TfL may make.

18) How are TfL going to police this?

Police stop checks where TfL will be present to inspect, fines will then be issued by the police. ANPR cameras will monitor the database.   

19) If I am FORS Silver or Gold, do I need to upgrade to PSS?

If your Vehicle is rated at 0 – 2 star then after the 28/10/2024 you will need to fit PSS to apply or reapply for permit FORS does not apply to DVS.   

20) Will the permits follow into other major cities? (Manchester, Birmingham, etc) Like ULEZ has?

While there is no official news on this, DVS has the potential to be introduced nationally. The aim of DVS phase 2 is to reduce the risk of death or serious injury’s to VRUs so this should always be considered.