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Driving best practice through FORS compliant vehicle safety kits

Posted on 15/07/2021 Array


Established in 2008, the Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary accreditation scheme that is open to UK and non UK fleet operators. It aims to raise the level of quality within fleet operations, and to demonstrate which operators are achieving exemplary levels of best practice in safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.

It is well documented that vehicle blind spots are a huge contributory factor in collisions in all industries. The substantial height and length of many vehicles and machines greatly limits driver visibility and operator positions, bodywork panels, absent rear windows and bulkheads all create further restrictions.

Finding solutions to overcome these problems is therefore high on the agenda for Drivers, Operations Managers and Senior Managers looking for a wide range of on-road and off-road applications to meet a host of requirements and needs.

Fortunately, however, there are simple, tailored solutions in the market that can help eliminate blind spots to prevent expensive vehicle damage and ultimately save lives. FORS compliant vehicle safety kits contain a range of equipment, depending on the package you choose, which provide an operator with reassurance that their operation is being run safely, efficiently and in an environmentally sound way.

Recently the Parksafe team have been working with CR Civil Engineering to support them with their upgrade from FORS Bronze to FORS Silver. Based in the East Midlands, CR Civil Engineering Ltd have delivered over 500 projects within their operating regions ranging from Highway, Rail, Airfield & MOD, Private/Public Realm, Environmental and Surfacing. Well known for being a trusted contractor, the company has grown from a small team of four people and a transit van to a company with 220 employees.

It goes without saying that the firm’s strong reputation is inevitably linked with their mission for best practice as exemplified in their recent upgrade of 30 vehicles from a basic reversing camera system to FORS Silver which includes:

  • 5 Channel Mobile Digital Recorder
  • 1TB Solid State Drive
  • Additional 128GB SD Card storage
  • 7” Dashboard Monitor
  • AHD 720p Left Blind Spot Camera
  • AHD 720p Right Blind Spot Camera
  • Full HD 1080p Front Camera
  • AHD 720P Load Camera
  • AHD 720p Rear Camera
  • 4 Sensor Ultra Sonic Sensors
  • Audible Turn Left Alarm
  • Speed and indicator module


Such designated kits provide increased visibility and safety, as well as meeting FORS approval, and whether you choose silver or gold, there are a range of cameras and monitor systems to suit different vehicle applications and all cameras and monitors come with a three year warranty to ensure extra peace of mind.

What’s more, these high quality specification cameras and monitors can be combined to produce the ideal system, enabling companies to show they are compliant with the TfL’s Work Related Road Risk (WRRR) and the Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) standard. Our reversing cameras come with/without microphone, IR and heated lens, or a compact, wider angle lens camera and our Side View camera is ultra-wide angle ensuring no blind-spots, unlike some/all rear-facing Side View cameras.

Not only does this upgrade show CR Civil Engineering’s ongoing commitment to best safety practice but it’s also an important factor in their business growth as it allows them to take on additional contracts for which they need this equipment to be permitted on site. It’s an investment in both their people and future projects, which will undoubtedly keep them ahead of the competition.

As well as winning a specific contract or indeed getting greater value contracts, a FORS Silver kit gives:

  • Evidence against insurance claims
  • Peace of mind for drivers and fleet managers
  • Built-in GPS via Google to record location and speed
  • Greater prevention against accidents and personal injury
  • Safer manoeuvres
  • Enhanced blind spot vision
  • Deterrent against vandalism


Want to speak to us about how we can help your organisation drive best practice? Our team will work with you to understand your needs and once we do, we can recommend a package, or even adapt a package, according to your vehicle specification and requirements. Whether you need 5 cameras or 16, we can help! So get in touch today and let us solve your problems with you.

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