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Parksafe Group’s years of experience allow them to offer bespoke and tailor-made safety package solutions to every customer, depending on their specific requirements. Be sure to visit them at this year’s CV Show to discover their latest fleet safety solutions, product ranges and enjoy live demonstrations throughout the show.


Stand number: 5E40



As part of the Mayor of London’s Vision Zero plan to eliminate all deaths and serious injuries on London’s transport network by 2041, TfL have released an enhancement to the current Direct Vision Standard (DVS) ‘Safe System’ with the introduction of theProgressive Safe System(PSS).


From 28th October 2024 all HGV’s over 12T must meet a minimum standard of a three-star rating or install the new Direct Vision Standard PSS to operate in Greater London. Parksafe Group’s solution has been independently tested by The Association of Vehicle Installers (AVI) to confirm that it meets all the requirements for the new DVS PSS.


Following several detailed consultations with TfL, Parksafe Group can guarantee that vehicles which are already approved to UNECE Regulation 151 and 159 are considered to have BSIS and MOIS requirements. For this reason, Parksafe Group have created these specific kits to guarantee compliance for all fleet operators.

Our kit includes:


  • Moving Off Information System (MOIS) – All vehicles must have a front sensor system that detects pedestrians or cyclists entering the blind spot area in front of the vehicle.


  • Blind Spot Information System (BSIS) – The detection range must be 2m in height, 2.2m to the side, and 9m to the back. The system must be active at all vehicle speeds between 0 km/h and 30 km/h.


  • Camera Monitor System (CMS) – Camera systems fitted on vehicles must eliminate any remaining blind spots.


  • Audible Warnings – Audio warnings must be fitted to all vehicles, including those with left-hand drive to ensure all vehicles have the ability to warn VRU of an intended manoeuvre.


  • Warning Signage – Warning signage requirements remain unchanged.


Parksafe Group’s award-winning Low Bridge Detection System (LBDS) uses GPS vehicle location data and geo-fencing to warn the driver of upcoming low bridges, via LED-enhanced alerts and an audible warning system that automatically activates.


Designed and manufactured in the UK, the LBDS requires ZERO driver input; the driver doesn’t need to need to know the height or width of the vehicle as this is all done at installation!


Parksafe Group’s revolutionary LBDS can be used as a stand-alone product, integrated into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter – simply plug in, and drive. Or it can be linked to the live Parksafe On Demand online platform which provides instant, remote alerts and on demand access to your entire fleet of vehicles 24/7.

Parksafe Group understands that without quality, and reliable products they would not be the company they are today, which is why they go the extra mile to make sure safety is not compromised. Regardless of the product or technology, it must pass rigorous and comprehensive testing before they consider it suitable to be included in their product range.