Whether it’s to ensure your stock is stored safety, to protect your business or commercial property from threats such as vandalism and burglaries, or to ensure the safety of your drivers, vulnerable road users or vehicles – taking the right security measures to keep your business safe is essential. CCTV is a fantastic security measure and plays a pivotal role when it comes to securing your entity.


In addition to being one of the most effective ways to deter against crime, the presence of CCTV cameras also provides peace of mind, in some cases reduces insurance premiums, and can even aid in police investigations.


As a leading automotive product supplier with over 30 years’ experience, The Parksafe Group are committed to providing CCTV & Safety Solutions for the automotive industry, and beyond! Supplying a range of audible, visual alarms, cameras and sensors which can be used to alert the driver of nearby pedestrians and cyclists, or potential hazards.



Our highly automated Parksafe on Demand platform allows you to automatically receive customised data straight to your
desktop, tablet, or smartphone, anywhere in the UK at any time.


PLUS, our GPS telematics ensure Fleet Managers receive real-time information such as vehicle location, journey data,
speed and more.


The dedicated Parksafe On Demand Web Portal provides users with LIVE crystal-clear HD footage and remote video
downloads. Fleet Managers will be notified of real time events, our dedicated Parksafe On Demand platform will provide
instant access to your fleets data 24/7 on virtually device.


The Parksafe On Demand 5 Channel MDVR is our most popular unit due to its compact size, and can be discreetly stored anywhere! Our product offers up to 5 Full HD 1080p cameras with 360º vision. And are all compatible with either SSD (Solid State Drive) or HDD (Hard Disc Drive) and a SD card.

Footage can be retrieved manually or via Wi-Fi. This will give you high quality, crystal clear vision of your vehicles. Allowing you to reduce blind spots and put your fleets safety first.



Why have a MDVR Camera System?

Large SSD (Solid State Drive) storage capacity means HD footage can be viewed from up to the last 60 days. What’s more with super-fast 4G connectivity you can stream and download footage instantly and remotely on virtually any device!


Key Features:

  • Download data manually or via Wi-Fi
  • Evidence against insurance claims
  • Peace of mind for drivers and fleet managers
  • Built in GPS via Google to record location and speed
  • Prevent accidents and personal injury
  • Manoeuvre safely
  • Enhance blind spot vision


For more information please visit: www,.Parksafegroup.com, call our dedicated Sales Team on: 01773 746591 or email: sales@parksafegroup.com