The use of electric vehicles brings a set of new challenges that organisations will have to learn to deal with. One of the most important concerns quite rightly is safety, particularly in respect of reversing, as the lack of engine noise means a reversing vehicle is often unheard.

Other issues are inevitably battery use and getting the maximum efficiency out of each charge.

The Trial

Eden Tyres & Servicing is a family run business that has been keeping their customers safe on the roads since 1981. Keen to look at solutions to the challenges of using electric vehicles they agreed to work with Parksafe on a trial of their PS±EV Eco Save Electric Vehicle Device.

In the trial a brand new Mercedes eVito 2021 was sent out on a daily route of approximately 68 miles. The same route was taken each day and it covered a number of stops and starts to deliver tyres.

On days 1 and 2 the standard vehicle was used and on days 3 and 4 the vehicle had the PS±EV Eco Save device fitted. We changed the driver each day and consistency of kw/increased.

The Benefits


Intelligent regulation of accelerator performance combined with a speed limiter (reverse speed to 5mph and forward speed to 78mph) means increased safety as aggressive acceleration and excessive speeds are prevented. This improved driver behaviour and reductions in speeding offences, which in turn increases safety for drivers and other road users too.


The PSEV product keeps consistency between every driver that drives the vehicles or fleet. This will allow the maximum level of miles available from the vehicle with no concern of who is driving.


The software on the PS+EV product can be set according to the needs of the, customer and environment. For example, if the vehicle is used up and down hills with a heavy load you will require extra power.

Financial Savings

There are substantial savings on maintenance costs and reduced vehicle wear and tear by eliminating over acceleration.