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Why Have A Silent Witness Dash Camera..

Dashcams are small self-contained digital video cameras built for one purpose: to record everything that happens whilst you’re driving on the road. In the case of an accident you can use this footage to help support whose fault it was and maybe even speed up an insurance claim or protect yourself from false accusations. You will be amazed what a Dash Camera can capture whilst on the road. 

Silent Witness offers a range of Dash Cameras that can be mounted on your front windscreen near the rear-view mirror with the option, depending on the model, to have a second remote camera for the rear windscreen. These accident cameras record constant video in segments on to a memory card. Some can even work whilst you are parked using a parking mode function. Silent Witness cameras can save several hours of footage and has a loop record function. Analysis of the footage is done with software or through media player and can offer information on, speed, GPS position and G-Force along with video and audio.

The Silent Witness SW224 provides superb high-quality footage recording at 2K Ultra HD quality. With its built in Wi-Fi and free iOS and Android software you are able to access the camera to view the video files, change settings, edit and upload videos, and view live what the camera is doing.

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